Monday, June 28, 2010

Gadget of the Month; Or: As Seen on TV

“In the United States, back pain is reported to occur at least once in 85% of adults below the age of 50. Nearly all of them will have at least one recurrence. It is the second most common illness-related reason given for a missed workday and the most common cause of disability. Work-related back injury is the number one occupational hazard.” Source:

Is it any wonder, then, why every new gadget shown in informercials and late night TV captures so much attention? Nearly everyone has—or will—experience debilitating back pain at some point in their lifetime. And, no one wants to rush right out to sign up for invasive surgical procedures.

If you experience back pain, don’t look to the Gadget of the Month Club for effective resolution. Instead, trust the professionals. Seek medical advice from primary care physicians and specialists. Find trusted and experienced physical and massage therapists. Ask them about effective ways to avoid, minimize and manage pain.

Is Surgery the Only Answer?
Only your doctor can answer this question for you. Everyone’s circumstance is different. If your pain is so severe that your doctor is talking surgery ask her if there are other solutions worth exploring first.

Why Physical Therapy?
Physical therapists are highly trained specialists. These are people who work with patients one-on-one to design, implement and monitor a program just for you. Often these programs will include elements such as stretching and strengthening exercises combined with a focus on correcting poor body mechanics. Diet and lifestyle changes may also be explored.

What about Massage Therapy?
Like physical therapists, massage therapists are also highly trained and must complete a rigorous course of study including anatomy. Massage therapists are trained in several techniques; knowing the right technique for a given type of pain can make all the difference.

As Seen on TV
The creators of infomercials are masters at finding the right triggers to get people to buy. Often the ads make it sound simple to return an item if the purchaser isn’t entirely satisfied. But remember the old adage, “if it sounds too good to be true… .” If you can only buy something through a TV offer, likely there are many reasons. Among those reasons is the fact that traditional retail stores may not be willing to stand behind the product or the company. And, as is the case with some products that got their start on TV, when the consuming public stands behind it en masse, that product finds its way onto store shelves.

A Local Resource

Beyond physical and massage therapy, is there any other resource to tap before heading into surgery? Yes!

Relax The Back has been a resource to Phoenicians since 1994. Our store specializes in products designed to prevent and reduce back pain. Our sales staff is comprised of highly trained individuals who work with our clients to understand their unique circumstances. We have educational products including books about understanding and managing back pain. And we have a full assortment of products to help pain sufferers manage their pain 24 hours a day, day in and day out. We have products for sleep, home, office, massage, travel and fitness.

At Relax The Back, our goal isn’t so much just selling products. Rather, it’s about making sure we correctly understand what an individual needs and wants. We’re trained educators, not just salespeople. We’re certified in office ergonomics. While we’d love to promise you a cure, we can’t. What we can promise you is a host of products than can bring you relief from your pain. If you can rest, work, drive and go about your daily routines in little or no pain, isn’t that worth looking into?

Please include us in your list of specialist resources when you are looking for non-surgical answers to your back pain.