Monday, November 2, 2009

Resolutions for Sciatica Pain

If you have pain radiating from your buttock down your leg, a likely cause of this is sciatica. The sciatic nerve runs from your spinal column (between L4 and L5) through your buttock and down your leg. When your vertibrae become compressed, the nerve is pinched and the result is pain.

There are non-surgical methods to achieve relief from this pain. Included among them: SacroEase is a customizable seat and lumbar support; inversion tables offer a safe way to decompress your spine - the best models are safe and you are in control of just how much, or how little, you invert; zero-gravity recliners help hold your spine in neutral alignment and take all pressure off your spine while providing spinal decompression; an ergonomic office chair with a sculpted back can also provide spinal decompression; and, an adjustable memory foam bed will also help hold your spine in a neutral alignment.

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